Ways to Help you Chill Out

June 19, 2018

What You Need to Chill Out

Summer is coming; with it, it brings an active social season, travel, being around family, and at least a dozen other things that the typical person could consider lots of fun and maybe a little bit stressful.

But since you know it's coming, you can prepare, and set yourself up to have moments of calm within this crazy thing we call life. Below are some tips to help with it all!

Yoga by the lake

  • Spend time with the people you love: even something simple like studying in silence--at the same table as your best friend. Having people you trust and enjoy spending time around is an instant mood booster and can get your mind off of all the stress you're feeling.
  • Light a candle or two. There's a whole school of thought surrounding aromatherapy and how much different scents can help your mood. Choose a scent like lavender or vanilla to calm down, or something like mint or eucalyptus to wake you up.

Crystal Candles

  • Meditate with some crystals with a peaceful energyAgain, even a few minutes dedicated to calming yourself down can go a long way. And if you absolutely don't have time for a meditation, even just keeping some of these crystals near you as you go about your day should help level out your energy. My favorites are selenite for clarity and Angelite for communication and harmony.

Selenite unicorn horn


Angelite Sphere

  • Sip on some herbal tea or hot cocoa. I know that, when you're stressed, sometimes it feels like all you can drink is caffeine to keep you going. But, really, that'll just make you jittery and more stressed than before. Skip the heavy caffeine; go for some calming green or camomile tea, if you feel like you need to stay awake, opt for tea like mint or ginger for a little bit of a zing, without the hand-shaking effects of too much coffee.

Cup of tea

  • Get a Cleanse Your Energy Set. It's designed to, as the name suggests, cleanse your energy (i.e., rid you of any negative or unproductive energy that's holding you down). Included is a selenite crystal, a sage bundle, a palo santo stick, and some cleansing sage spray. This set ties in a lot of what I already mentioned: calming crystals, aromatherapy, a meditation aspect, etc

Energy Cleansing set

Enjoy these, give yourself permission to chill out and enjoy the summer!

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